How A Fit Girl Faces Surgery: My Fit Recovery and the Jade Infrared Sauna

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May 26, 2015

My previous two posts walked through the healthy steps I took to prepare my fit bod for surgery, highlighting preventative ways to shorten the healing process, reduce muscle loss and weight gain, keep my digestive system functioning and maintain high levels of energy and immunity. Fast forward to post-op. I was completely off of all pain killers – ibuprofen included – in less than a week’s time, thanks in part to one very effective therapeutic treatment: the Jade Infrared Sauna.

Unlike typical saunas, this sauna is a pod you lie in. It’s similar to a tanning bed in size, but your head is actually out of the sauna so you’re breathing fresh air the entire time. No claustrophobic lid 4” from your nose, no dizzying bazillion-degree air. The infrared rays (a combo of near and far, if you’re an infrared guru) penetrate a couple of inches past your skin’s surface to heat the body from within, activating the actual cells inside your bod. This translates to mind-boggling cardiovascular stimulation, detoxification, relaxation and healing. As someone who experienced a rare and life threatening blood clot at the age of 20, keeping my blood circulating during a time of lessened physical activity was a major priority. Just 30 minutes in the Jade sauna has the cardio-impact of a 6-mile run, which, I might add, also torches major calories … a must for someone cut off from her daily Bodybar routine. The increased blood flow and cell stimulation expedited my recovery, reduced pain and inflammation, and also helped to rid my system of the heavy meds used in surgery.

Even when I’m not in recovery mode, I use the Jade sauna regularly. It’s one of the most effective ways to stay de-stressed and detoxed. Aside from post-op healing, I’ve experienced clearer, tighter skin, digestive relief, lessened “puffiness” and increased flexibility. It also happens to be possibly the most relaxing way to spend 30-40 minutes of my day.

Just over a 5 minute drive from our Travis location, The Phit Studio, where I go for my sauna fix a few times a week, is located at the corner of Mockingbird and Greenville, inside the Total Nutrition store. Visit their website for more information, and mention that you are a Bodybar Studios client to receive a special promo when you book your first session.