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First Time

Transform your BODY. Transform your LIFE.

Whether you are brand new to Reformer Pilates or just searching for a new studio home, Welcome to the BAR! CHEERS, You have just taken your first step on a journey with us towards full-body transformation from the inside out. We will focus on your body’s needs to strengthen, lengthen and tone your body through athletic techniques. Our workouts are designed for ALL skill levels! Prepare to be challenged, uplifted and embraced in our community-centric environment. We want you to think of us as more than just the pilates studio for your 50-minute workout, but as a community outlet for you beyond the workout.

Bodybar 101


You can book your first class on our BODYBAR app or online


Wear comfortable clothing that you can easily move in. Don’t forget your grip socks, as those are required for all our classes. Don’t have any? We have some great options for you in the studio!


At least 10-15 early, so that we can give you a studio tour, get you set-up on your bed and introduce you to your instructor.

What To Expect

We call it HAPPY HOUR and we hope when you leave to feel the same! Prepare for a 50 min high intensity workout that takes place on our reformer machine, connected to weighted springs for resistance. No one’s first class experience is the same and if you have never been on a reformer it can be intimidating. You will be challenged, work your entire body, shake and the next day you will feel it in every little muscle that you might as well be meeting for the first time. At the end you will give yourself an internal CHEERS, because you did it!


How did it go? We love questions and feedback from our first-timers, so if you can take time to chat with your instructor after class, HYDRATE and BOOK your next class! You will be sore, but that’s how strength begins! We recommend attending at least 3 classes per week in order to begin seeing noticeable results.


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