Olympic Trails, Natalie Coghlin, and Cross Training

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July 9, 2016

If you’ve been watching TV the past few weeks, you are sure to know the Summer Olympics are just around the corner. The final trials for The Games of XXXI Olympiad (better known as RIO 2016) completed this past week. There are many new competitors in the mix, and some of our favorites! Michael Phelps qualified for the 100 Fly, 200 Fly, and 200 IM, Kerri Walsh Jennings will compete again on the U.S.A. Volleyball team, and two Texans will compete in Track & Field: Jarrion Lawson from Texarkana, Texas (long jump) and Shelbi Vaughan from Azle, Texas (discus).

Sadly, Natalie Coghlin, an outstanding swimmer who has placed in every Olympic race she has competed (12), did not qualify in this round of Olympic trails. That doesn’t stop us from cheering on this Pilates loving athlete! It is reported that she is not retiring; and will continue to train and be a part of the swimming community. (Sigh of relief.)

Natalie Coghlin is a great example of dedication, balance, and the benefits of cross training, especially one who incorporates Pilates into her daily routine. Like most top athletes, her “work day” is dedicated to conditioning, strength training, stretching her limits, and repetitive training for her specific event to reach her peak performance level. Her training schedule was revealed before the last Olympic games. We read that her day starts early – 4:30am and she works out twice most days. Her morning routine consists off with a Pilates warm-up, swimming, and weight lifting. She also makes sure to take good care of her body by eating healthy, nutrient packed meals. On her “day off” from pool time, she still makes sure to fit in Pilates (and walking her dog of course). This athlete loves Pilates so much, she was even an official spokesperson for the Balanced Body Pilates Arc starting in 2009. She’s been quoted talking about how the calming effects of her focused breathing from Pilates training transitions to the pool during competition. In 2012 she started seeing a private instructor, Tom McCook, who always varied her Pilates routine. She even goes as far to claim his techniques showed her “how to apply Pilates principles in the water,” increasing her performance.

At bodybar, we are so proud to have our athletes come in and be able to transform their bodies with our excellent formats that help you get a full-body workout through a very specific and targeted workout hitting your core and all of your muscle groups.

You don’t have to Natalie Coghlin, World Champion and Olympic Athlete, to want to be on the top of your game. You can be “Natalie the Nurse” or “Johanna the Architect” working hard to push your body to its limits and continue to strengthen and tone your body. Being proud of the work you put in each day and continuing to strive for improvement is enough in our eyes. Our trainers are here to help you reach your personal goals, supporting you and encouraging you through our high intensity, Pilates-inspired training. – bodybar fitness

Natalie Coghlin will be missed in this year’s games, but we’re keeping an eye on her.






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