Pilates and Wellness

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September 1, 2022

August is National Wellness Month, a perfect time to prioritize healthy habits and develop a wholesome routine. As experts in the fitness industry at BODYBAR, we know the benefits that participating in physical activities can have on our members’ overall wellness and health. We feel strongly about the importance of healthy living in all facets. Knowing the connections between Pilates and overall wellness – not just fitness! – might make you appreciate it just as much as we do!

How Pilates Impacts Overall Wellness

It’s great for physical wellness.

When it comes to physical wellness, it’s important to push your body. But for those just starting on their wellness journey, it can be intimidating. A benefit of Pilates is that it offers a low-impact exercise that can be done at any intensity level, providing an approachable yet effective workout for everyone, from seasoned athletes to beginners.

Pilates is quick yet effective.

At studios like BODYBAR, you can take short classes in small groups. For example, our classes are 40 to 50 minutes, making it easier for members to fit a workout into their routine rather than building their day around it. Smaller group sizes also allow for more detailed instruction, so you know your form is right and you’re getting the most from the workout.

It promotes mental agility.

There are mental benefits of Pilates as well. It differs from traditional fitness categories, in that mental agility is just as crucial for Pilates as physical strength is. The body may be working while engaging in exercises like treadmill running, but the brain is not as actively involved. Pilates demands that you use both your body and intellect at once. Because there are a wide array of movements, when we learn a new exercise or modification, it challenges the brain to learn a new skill, keeping the mind engaged at all times.

You can do Pilates for anxiety and stress relief.

Some people swear by doing Pilates for mental health. The results of routinely doing Pilates may include stress and anxiety reduction, improved attention, and more regulated sleeping patterns. Just be sure to find Pilates classes that properly emphasize breathing techniques and mindful thinking.

Pilates means community.

Finally, potentially one of the biggest benefits of incorporating Pilates into your wellness routine is the sense of community it offers. In a recent article, BODYBAR COO and the owner of three BODYBAR studios, Kamille McCollum, shared her thoughts about the benefits of building relationships through fitness.

“Our studios are places of growth and community. When a member walks into BODYBAR, our goal is that they feel empowered, welcomed, and connected to those around them. People smile and greet you; they want to talk to you and laugh when the class is challenging because it ‘burns so good.’ Maybe you’re just going to see your workout buddy or your favorite instructor, or maybe you are an outlier like me and love to wake up and work out to get your day started. Regardless, we all need an extra push sometimes, and knowing that you have people in your corner holding you accountable and motivating you to be your best self might be that extra boost you need to get into the studio. Our members come to BODYBAR because they want to reach their goals alongside the friends they’ve made in class.”

The Pilates vertical offers healthy professional opportunities.

From professional and entrepreneurial perspectives, it’s extremely rewarding mentally and emotionally to own a Pilates studio or work for one. You create a wellness hub that betters the lives of those in your community physically, mentally, and emotionally.

If you value wellness, have an entrepreneurial mindset, and are interested in helping others develop healthy habits through exercise, learn about franchising with BODYBAR!