Redefine Happy Hour in Your Community

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October 30, 2020

BODYBAR Pilates stands out in a sea of big-box gyms and workout models that are “one size fits none.” While our training method is rooted in Pilates principles, we develop these teachings to further include strength, endurance and cardio training in a supportive and welcoming environment.

With high-intensity, low-impact movements, our members enjoy a highly effective workout, and many come in during their lunch, redefining the meaning of “happy hour.” Our studios, with their spa-like atmosphere, are welcoming fixtures in communities — members linger long after the workout is done, sharing experiences and shopping for branded merchandise. 

Each class and workout offers a new and refreshing experience. While franchisees and instructors follow recommended workout routines, they can still customize each class and modify movements depending on individual abilities or injuries. All participants, regardless of age or fitness level, get a comprehensive workout that’s approachable, not daunting. 

BODYBAR franchisees and instructors build micro-communities inside of larger communities. The essence of our brand is to promote an encouraging environment where members feel safe, supported and loved. We throw out any previous conceptions about what fitness is and help our members attain their personal health and wellness goals. This redefining approach ensures our franchise partners have strong brand loyalty among their members because as we know, customers will cancel memberships, not relationships. 

Rooted in Pilates, but with our own special twist, BODYBAR franchisees enjoy being part of an institution that’s continuously raising the bar. We’re everyone’s favorite happy hour!

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