Thankful For BODYBAR – Franchisee Testimonials

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November 19, 2021

At BODYBAR we’re always focused on what we’re grateful for. For one, we’re incredibly grateful for our community filled with like-minded, kind, and encouraging people who prioritize their health goals. We’re also thankful that our brand is growing and reaching more and more people every day. Most importantly, we’re grateful for our franchisees! We know there are so many franchisee business opportunities out there, and we’re so glad they chose our BODYBAR community to build their careers with. 

Lucky for us, the feeling is mutual – our franchise partners are just as grateful for BODYBAR as we are for them. Check out the franchisee testimonials below to see what they’re saying about working with us! 

As someone who always wanted to own my own business, I am in love with BODYBAR. Not only does BODYBAR provide an opportunity to work out, but it also has a true sense of community, allowing everyone to meet new friends and feel like they can fit in.

Ashley Van Emmerik, BODYBAR Owner, Utah

After our son was born, Cory and I were looking for an opportunity to open our own business and find financial independence. But we wanted to be part of an industry and movement that we were genuinely passionate about. We’re confident that we’ve found that in BODYBAR Pilates.

Nikki White, BODYBAR Owner, Texas

Being thankful for BODYBAR starts right at the top with Matt and Kamille McCollum. They are a dynamic couple, they are kind, earnest, hardworking people that are out to develop an awesome brand. I also want to share how thankful I am to the rest of the BODYBAR family. The support that we get with marketing, the support that we get with instructors and instructor training, the support that we get with putting together our training… it’s just amazing how all this works together and how I’ve been able to see people develop with the organization.  

Joe Stockton, BODYBAR Owner, Georgia 

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