Ways To Add A Workout To Your Daily Routine

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June 22, 2015

Life gets busy and sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day! Some days are good while others are bad. Plans will always changes, things will always come up last minute and life will always get in the way, but we MUST find time to give back to our bodies for at least 20 minutes everyday. Our bodies are ours and we only get one so let’s take good care of them. After all they take a beating from us day in and day out!

The key to finding the time to work out is to make is part of your daily routine. If you incorporate exercise and fitness into your daily life then eventually it will not feel like a chore, but instead it will feel as though something is missing from your day if you skip your daily workout. But more and more studies show that even a small amount of physical activity each day can save and prolong your life! This fact alone should be reason enough for your to spend time on you! Consider exercise to be just as essential as water and oxygen.

Here are a few tips to help you incorporate exercise into your daily routine.

  1. Use time wisely: take the stairs instead of elevator, walk instead of driving. These are smart ways to get some exercise without going out of your way.
  2. Devote a small part of each day to exercise, even if it’s just 20 minutes. Whether it’s in the morning or before bed time, maybe during your lunch break – simply put: move. Try some yoga, walking, jogging, dancing or cycling. If you go to the gym, stick to a time efficient but consistent training plan. Tip for the more advanced gym goers: Use supersets to save time and get that extra pump. For example alternate a set of bicep exercise with a set of tricep, it will reduce the amount of breaks and save you time!
  3. After meals try to go for a walk around the block or even just down the stairs and back up again. Moving after meals aids in digestion.
  4. Take advantage of weekends or days off, plan for a relaxing activity. Kayaking, cycling, yoga, a dance class or whatever you like, but keep it regular.
  5. While watching TV work on your abs: crunches, planks, bicycles, etc.
  6. Parking – park as far away from the entry so that you have to walk further to and from the door
  7. While on work calls do bicep curls with a water bottle
  8. While at the computer sit on a stability ball to engage your core and work on your posture
  9. Clean the house!
  10. The dentist says brush your teeth for 120 seconds – try doing a wall squat while brushing.