Fall Fitness Tips, Tricks & Treats

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September 29, 2016

The Fall season in Texas is a recipe for relief from the heat with cooler temps in the forecast. It also presents opportunities to build new routines, enjoy time with family and discover fascinating new places and hobbies. Here are a few tips, tricks and treats to incorporate into your #FallintheFort adventures!

1. Enjoy the cooler weather

The cooler weather makes outdoor activities so much more inviting. Plan regular walks, go to Six Flags, take in a Rangers playoff game, or visit one of the many Fall festivals that will be taking place. A great resource is the Fort Worth Events webpage. They have a calendar of events that include The Tarrant County End Hunger Bike Ride at the Water Gardens. Get out and get down with what your city has to offer!

2. Start a new routine

Often times in the Summer our routines get disheveled as we manage ways to entertain our kids and enjoy vacations. The Fall is a great time to re-engage our routines and to integrate new programs and workouts that we’d been wanting to try.  TIP: New programs and workouts are more successful when you have friends with you. Humans are hard-wired for social connection and having a friend or two take part in your routine will help keep you engaged even on days when you aren’t feeling it.

3. Add in some flavor

Fall presents seasonal flavors in the form of Pumpkin Pies (or Pumpkin Spice Lattes), Turkey and Dressing, and for the inner child, candy corns! Don’t over-do-it with any of the aforementioned treats, but do allow yourself to enjoy the flavors of the season. I live by the saying, “You never get skinny by eating one salad and you never get fat by eating one ‘cheat’ meal”. The point being; living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean starving yourself from simple joys. Stay engaged in your fitness, but enjoy some of the good stuff!

4. Explore the Fort

What is new in your hood? With cooler temps it makes for a great time to branch out and explore new businesses, entertainment venues, restaurants and more. Check out a local event guide and calendar like Fort Worth Weekly and make plans to explore your community. You never know what adventure awaits!

5. Embrace the season

No matter what season of life you are in, Fall is a great time to embrace that season. Whether a college student, young professional, busy mom/dad, or empty nester there are fantastic things to enjoy about your season of life. Remember that fitness and life are not about the destination, but the journey.  Own your journey each and every day!

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