Our Latest Grip Sox Crushes!

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October 4, 2016

Fitness Fashion is a real thing! Yes, the truth of the matter is that what we wear to workout is now a fashion statement, and really a reflection of one’s personal taste. Since you cannot do Pilates without the ever-important (and required) Grip Sox, we have scoured the world of Grip Sox near and far (Australia to be exact) to find the coolest products to offer our clients. Basically, we acknowledge that apart from being functional, grip socks are an accessory to compliment your workout outfit! So without further ado, please meet the Grip Socks that we are currently crushing on:


Grew out of the founders personal love affair with Barre, Pilates and style. She couldn’t find socks that she truly loved for her workout—they were often too hot, didn’t fit right or the grips were unsatisfactory. This interest in health, well-being and style led her to design a sock that was completely new to the market, and then subsequently patent this invention. This sock provided a solution to these issues and had never been seen before!


Began in 2009 when the founders realised that there really wasn’t much around to accommodate the Pilates/Yoga enthusiasts that were after style, comfort and functionality. They wanted to add some fun to Pilates and Yoga by providing products that were fashionable that enhance your exercise outfit.  After years of developing they came up with a product line that looks great on shelves and even better on your feet. They believe that by keeping their product range to Non Slip products means that they can keep the quality high, the grip fabulous and the colours and styles constantly evolving keeping up with the latest trends


As busy and active fitness professionals, the founders love to mix-up our workouts from day to day to keep motivated. It may be Barre or Pilates one day, Yoga or Megaformer the next, and Dance the day after. They found themselves wearing sticky socks for all of these classes and realized only black was available. They decided to add some color and inspiration to these functional socks and Sticky Be Socks was born!