5 Reasons to Own a BODYBAR Pilates Studio

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August 19, 2020

At BODYBAR Pilates, our purpose is to create a community of people who respect, encourage and motivate one another to be strong, healthy and happy human beings. So, why should you become a BODYBAR Boss and reap the benefits of owning a fitness franchise? Here are five reasons to own a BODYBAR studio:

Our workouts are challenging, yet accessible 

BODYBAR is a Reformer Pilates concept that provides a full-body workout to increase flexibility, muscle strength and posture. Our high intensity, low impact Pilates workouts challenge the major muscle groups and push people to their limits in a safe space that allows participants to be successful—no matter their skill level. 

We foster a safe environment

Building on learnings from the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve always created a safe environment for our clients to practice Pilates. From single-use equipment that is disinfected between each workout, to appropriate spacing of the reformers and ample time between classes, we’re able to exercise greater control over the safety of our studios compared to big box gyms. 

Not to mention, we’ve developed BODYBAR Live, a virtual platform that empowers clients to enjoy BODYBAR from the comfort of their own homes through live streams and pre-recorded classes on-demand. With our virtual class option and strategic number of reformers in-studio, BODYBAR franchisees are able to maximize revenue and hold a competitive advantage over others in the Reformer Pilates space.

The BODYBAR community is unlike any other 

We are a community-driven franchise because we understand the important social benefits of the fitness industry. Our purpose is to create a fun and healthy environment where people can encourage and motivate one another to be strong, healthy and happy. We pride ourselves on our inclusive workouts and studios that bring together individuals from all walks of life. BODYBAR is everyone’s favorite happy hour!  

We’re growing 

BODYBAR has become a health and wellness hit in the DFW Metroplex and we’re on mission to take our Reformer Pilates concept to new heights! We’ve firmed up the next phase of our growth strategy and remain on target toward our goal of signing 25 agreements and 50 units before the end of 2020. In recent months, we’ve inked franchise agreements to open locations in new markets, including Atlanta, Salt Lake City and Boston. And, we recently opened our newest location in the Tanglewood community on August 1.

You can transform your life

By investing in a BODYBAR studio, you can transform countless lives – including your own! If you desire to empower your community through Pilates while pursuing business ownership and financial independence, you’ve come to the right place. 

Interested in becoming a BODYBAR Boss and enjoying the benefits of owning a fitness franchise? Visit bodybarpilates.com/own-a-studio/ to learn more.