BODYBAR Pilates Tones Franchising Muscles with Strategic Expansion Strategy

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July 22, 2020

At BODYBAR Pilates, we strive to create an environment that is conducive to building communities who love, respect, encourage and motivate one another to be strong, healthy and happy human beings. One of the biggest ways we achieve this is by empowering franchisees who share our core values to deliver our brand ethos within their own communities.

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With that in mind, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve developed the next phase of our growth strategy and have launched a strategic franchising initiative to build upon BODYBAR’s brand momentum. Our Reformer Pilates studio concept has become a hit in the DFW Metroplex, and we’re now ready to catapult the craze into new markets with passionate and dedicated entrepreneurs!

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This franchising announcement comes amid an already strong year for BODYBAR. We’ve inked multiple franchise agreements to expand beyond the Lone Star State – in fact, we’ve recently signed franchise agreements to open locations in new markets, including Atlanta, Salt Lake City and Boston. Plus, new units are planned in our home DFW market – Fort Worth, Keller and Southlake. 

It’s incredible to be part of the BODYBAR movement… you can feel the enthusiasm it instills in everyone who takes part,” says Matt McCollum, CEO of BODYBAR Pilates. “We’re very proud of the communities we’ve already built. But, the time is now to seize this energy and share the feeling that BODYBAR evokes with the nation.

Ashley Can Emmerik
BODYBAR Owner, Utah

Adding to the momentum, we’re also excited to announce the hiring of Director of Instructor Training Erica Naderi!

Erica has taught Reformer Pilates since 2014 and is trained and certified in the BODYBAR Pilates method, as well as BASI Pilates. She is passionate about movement, self-discovery and holistic transformation. Through her guidance and support, she empowers people to approach wellness and fitness with intentionality; inspiring them to test their limits, step outside of their comfort zones and believe in their inner strength.

As head of instructor training, Erica is dedicated to supporting her peers, upholding brand integrity and bringing about national recognition to the BODYBAR Pilates method, making it the standard for high-intensity Pilates training.

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As we continue to build our franchise system, we’re seeking qualified franchise prospects eager to help fuel the growth of our emerging franchise concept. Ideal BODYBAR franchisees include entrepreneurs who have an interest in fitness and a pioneer mindset.

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