Abs Are Made In The Kitchen: Why diet is so important to achieving a flat stomach

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December 16, 2015

While 90s infomercials taught us that with a simple piece of equipment we could all get flat abs from the comfort of our bedroom, the fact of the matter is we all know that simply is not true (Sigh). We have all tried a hundred and one gimmicks like wraps, lipo machines, and special massages to get beautiful, flat abs and the results are all the same. Because the truth is, flat stomachs are made in the kitchen. Yes abdominal muscles are made through exercise but abs alone do not necessarily guarantee you a flat, fat free stomach. Diet is the only way to get rid of fat around the abdomen.

The Myths

Doing crunches and other abdominal exercises will do absolutely nothing for a leaner middle section! Yes, you heard it right. Reducing fat in certain spots is impossible, we lose fat equally everywhere. Of course we tend to accumulate more in different places but the consensus is – lose overall body fat and your belly will lose fat! When it comes to such extreme measures as lipo – the fat will come back if you eat junk! In this case, the conclusion is clear. There are two things that are really effective for losing fat – a clean diet and weight training. Weight training increases muscle mass and your metabolism. Cardio may help you speed up fat burning. But the real key is your diet!

Why it’s Important

We all have abs. The muscles are there and they work hard every day to stabilize our core, even while sitting or walking. Of course, it can’t hurt to strengthen them every now and then but the point is to figure out how to expose them. The key to this is dropping body fat. If you eat less more often – it helps to burn those calories as you go so your body won’t store the extra in the form of tummy flab. Avoiding sugar and processed foods will help you regulate blood sugar and facilitate fat burning.  In recent research is has been discovered that as people in the US work out more, they also become fatter. You may think that it’s crazy but how many times did you think you can have a treat since you had done so well at the gym? Exactly! Rather than using exercise as a tool to deepen your caloric deficit and lose more fat, most people treat is as a license to eat even more! Sorry, but the reality is – if you want to look fit and toned you will have to reduce these calories and make some dietary sacrifices. So instead of getting through a workout thinking about all the candy it ‘bought’ you, think how much fat you are going to burn and how much closer you are to seeing those sculpted abs you dream of!