Which Dallas Pilates Class Is Best for You?

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December 14, 2018

All over the Dallas Fort Worth metroplex, Texans are becoming disinterested by the boring, ordinary ways of working out. While there’s nothing wrong with burning calories by lifting weights or running in the Texas heat, those activities, already mundane, often lack the benefits that less traditional exercises provide. Lucky they can get these health benefits, such as increased flexibility and core strength, by attending a pilates class at BODYBAR Fitness.

What Type Of Pilates Classes Are Right For Me?

Before you begin the process of coordinating your mind, body, and spirit with the help of our Pilates instructors, first you need to choose which class will best suit your needs. Here at BODYBAR Fitness, we offer a broad selection of classes to meet you wherever you are on your fitness goals.

Our Dallas Pilates Classes Include:

Reformer – BODYBAR’s signature class, reformer adds a modern twist on a classic workout. This intense, fast-paced, full-body workout not only sculpts and tones your muscles but also improves stamina, balance, flexibility, and alignment.

Reformer + Refine – The perfect class to mix in with other workout regimes or to prepare you for one of our other BODYBAR class formats, the reformer + refine class emphasizes form, balance, core strength and flexibility while still providing an intense, full-body workout.

Power Tower – This challenging workout uses our full tower system to move, build and stretch your body in ways previously unimaginable. Through the use of the roll down bar and springs for resistance, the power tower class is designed for strength building, toning and lengthening the entire body from the power of the core.

Reformer Jump – A fast-paced reformer class with an added jump board attached for an extra cardio element, this low impact, calorie burning exercise is sure to get your blood pumping and your heart pounding.

Chair/Jump! – Combining our two most powerful leg workouts into one, you better come to this class prepared to sweat. Using the jump board and chair, this challenging workout tightens your core, strengthens your legs and provides tone in all the right places.

Abs + Arms – Sculpting your arms and core like no other workout can, this class allows you to push, pull, curl, dip and twist for defined upper arms, back and abs. And don’t worry – while cardio will be involved, this is definitely a no lunge zone.

Lower Body Burn – Our signature reformer class but with a lower body twist, this intense, fast-paced workout focuses on your glutes, inner and outer thighs for booty-lifting, lower body toning results.

Express – Ready for a fast and furious workout? Skip the cardio and stretching and get right into the action. With lightning-speed transitions, high-intensity movements and a whole lot of sweat, come prepared to get in, kick butt and get out.

Stretch + Release – A restorative class ideal for anyone looking to increase their range of motion, and relieve muscle tension. Utilizing rollers and massage balls, this class focuses on relieving muscle tension while providing greater mobility through the hips and spine.

*Reformer Chair – Challenge yourself mentally and physically with this intense, yet fun apparatus. Combining our signature reformer techniques with the exo chair, our reformer chair classes enhance your coordination, balance, stability, and strength through its core and leg-centered exercises, with added upper body work.

*Bootcamp – Testing your strength and stamina, our boot camp class leads you through intervals of strength training coupled with cardio exercises to maximize your workout. This class varies each week and may incorporate a jump board or cardio chair.

*Prerequisite: 2 or more reformer or reformer jump classes

Ready To Try Them Out?

Whether you want to focus on your upper or lower body or get an intense, full-body workout, we have a class that’s right for you at BODYBAR Fitness. At our Dallas pilates studio, located in the Highland Park area of Dallas, at the corner of Travis Street & Armstrong Avenue, in between Trader Joe’s and Katy Trail.

With additional locations in Plano, Southlake, and Fort Worth you can count on us to give you specific attention thanks to the small size of our classes. We look forward to helping you meet your workout goals!