Diary of an Almost FitMom #2

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May 14, 2015
Time Magazine

“I think I’m pregnant??” I said with uncertainty. That was the grand reveal to my husband in late January 2013.  To truly understand why there was so much confusion, I have to back up a bit and share a little about my life pre-pregnancy. Up until the year before getting pregnant, I didn’t want kids. In fact, I went so far as to outwardly tell people that I didn’t want children and secretly revel in the horror that came across their faces.  I found some bizarre pleasure in going against societies grains.

So imagine my disbelief, anger, and embarrassment when after deciding to start a family and a year of actively trying (is there anything more romantic than scheduled sex??), finding out that I was the reason we weren’t getting pregnant. When I got the call from my doctor, two things entered my mind.  First: I had literally been wasting hundreds of dollars on birth control and Second: I got what I deserved.

I was lucky that my situation was not nearly as complicated as some of my friends’ that have undergone countless rounds of IVF, some successful, others still trying. We were starting with hormone pills that would force my body to ovulate and cross our fingers that it was coming from my one open tube.

We had just finished our first cycle and I eagerly waited for the day I could take my first pregnancy test….it was negative. I tried again the next day, negative. After three days of tests, I was certain it didn’t work and that we would have to wait until next month.  On the fourth day, I decided to give it one last go and within minutes, saw that the second line just wasn’t there.

I honestly can’t tell you why I picked the test stick up from the trash, but an hour later there is sat in my hand, (and yes I washed my hands afterwards!) and the faintest second line had appeared. “I think I’m pregnant??” I was uncertain, but hopeful. And with that, a new chapter had begun.