Diary of an Almost FitMom #3

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May 24, 2015
What to Expect When You're expecting

Have you every wondered why the first trimester of pregnancy is so taboo? Not only is it bad form to announce that you’re pregnant, but your OBGYN typically won’t see you until you’re at least 8 or 9 weeks along.  I remember thinking….um hello?? I’m a first-time preggo chick here, how do you know that I’m not out clubbing all night or eating tuna out of a rusty can??  Neither of which I was doing, of course, but I couldn’t believe I only saw my doctor once during my entire first trimester. Looking back, I wish I had known the following tips to better prepare myself for the first 3 months of pregnancy.

  1. Take it one day at a time.*  What you feel today is not going to be what you feel tomorrow, whether that is good news or bad.  This is true for your taste buds as well.  That gallon container of potato salad you drove ten miles out of the way for is going in the trash tomorrow, barely touched, because tomorrow, it will be the most disgusting thing you could image eating.

*Note: This is true for pretty much the rest of your life as a mom so remember: One. Day. At. A Time!

  1. Do not Shop Til You Drop! Don’t buy maternity clothes, seriously.  You have no idea what you’re going to gain (50lbs, people!) by the end of this so don’t run out and buy the cutest preggo clothes and rip the tags off because chances are they will be either too big, too small, or too restrictive in the wrong places.  And if you’re rounding the last trimester during the dead of a Texas summer like I was, you can save your money and plan on being naked for most of the final 12 weeks.
  1. Business as usual. I know, you just found out you’re expecting and you immediately feel the need to cancel your nail appointment (the fumes may hurt the baby), your yoga membership (heat and deep stretching is bad for the baby), or you may decide it’s time to start that 6 week intensive Skull Crushers BootCamp you’ve been eyeing on Groupon (can’t gain baby weight just yet!).  Not trying to make light of being a responsible baby cooker, but I think it’s safe to say that life can remain relatively consistent until you’ve had your first appointment. I mean, what about those chicks on “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant!”??
  1. Shut it Down! Put down the book, close the app, and shut off your computer. Now is not the time to read up on every horrific pregnancy complication, birthing disaster, rare genetic diseases etc.  Trust me when I say you’ll sleep with one eye on Google once the baby is here.  Don’t earn your Google PhD just yet. It will do nothing but add unnecessary worry and stress to your day.  Shut it down, kick up your feet while you still can lift them higher than 6 inches, and refer to #1.