Diary of an Almost FitMom

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May 6, 2015
Pilates Mommy
Pilates Mommy

As a new mom, I am constantly being inundated with lists of tricks and secrets, ads for the latest gadgets that swear to make your child sleep 20 hours, and words from experienced moms that tug at your heartstrings. I have poured over Google and Facebook Mommy Groups at 3am in hopes to find the PERFECT answer for every ailment and phase of development.  The cliché’s of “sleep when the baby sleeps” or similar action items of its kind are ever circulating my Facebook feeds.  So if all of the obligatory mommy blogs have been written and shared, why are my words any different?  Well, to be honest they’re probably not.  But, my perspective might be somewhat unique.

I work in the fitness industry, Pilates to be specific, which means that I experienced pregnancy while all the fit people around me were becoming smaller, tighter, toner, and tauter.  What was worse was that I was THAT girl, that girl that swore I wouldn’t gain more than the weight of my actual baby.  That I would be the ever so cute 9mos preggo girl holding the perfect lunge on the reformer that unless you were standing to my left, you’d never know I was pregnant. That no matter what, I’d be rocking my pre-preggo lululeggings into labor and delivery….yeah, it didn’t quite turn out that way….

Over the series of my posts, you’ll read about my journey through gaining 50lbs of baby weight (of which 7.3lbs being an actual baby) to navigating my first year as a new mom and my struggle to maintain an Almost fit life.

Stay tuned….