Everyone’s Favorite Happy Hour: How to Create a Positive Community Culture

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August 19, 2021

Consumers and potential franchisees alike have recently put a stronger focus on culture when looking for businesses to purchase from, work with and potentially invest in. They base their decisions on how they feel when they enter a space and how the culture of a business benefits them. Creating a positive community culture creates value for your business and allows your clients and franchisees to add value to their lives. 

BODYBAR Pilates is a boutique fitness franchise that focuses on building communities filled with members who love, respect, encourage and motivate one another to be strong, healthy, and happy human beings. Our culture is engrained in everything we do, and we firmly believe that without it, we wouldn’t have a spot as one of the top health and fitness franchises today.  

Creating A Welcoming Community

Often in the fitness industry, newcomers are intimidated when trying a new concept or workout. Maybe they’re just starting on their fitness journey, maybe they’re getting back into a workout routine after an extended break, or, maybe they’re experienced athletes who are nervous about trying a new studio. Regardless, creating a welcoming environment for clients is key to ensuring that they keep coming back, and we know the social benefits of the fitness industry are massive when a gym cultivates the right culture.

“Our studios are places of light and community,” says Kamille McCollum, BODYBAR’s chief operations officer and the co-owner of three BODYBAR studios. “Whether a member is a 70-year-old wellness guru or a 25-year-old just getting started, the BODYBAR workout can be customized to meet everyone’s personal fitness goals.”

When your members feel like they’re part of a community, it gives them a form of identity and a sense of belonging. Promoting an encouraging environment where members feel safe, supported, and loved is the key to building a culture that people want to be a part of.

Be Transparent

Building positive brand culture is about more than what you see at face value. Those who are most successful at building and maintaining a strong community are typically open and transparent in their communication.

“This brand is not about egos or individuals,” Kamille McCollum, CEO BODYBAR adds. “It’s about loving people and helping them reach their financial and fitness goals.”

As a top health and fitness franchise, we know that starting a fitness franchise can be intimidating. We also know that fitness and working out can be a really vulnerable experience. Because of that, we make sure to set clear expectations across the board so our members and franchisees have an accurate view of their path to success.

Provide Opportunities for Growth

As a business that offers franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs, we know a thing or two about how to start a fitness business and maintain brand standards across multiple locations. And, our franchisees see firsthand the benefits of owning a fitness franchise that promotes individuality, support and growth.

“There’s never been a better time to join the BODYBAR movement,” says Kamille. “We’re just getting started. Nothing makes me happier than providing a welcoming space where people can go to receive an amazing workout while helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams of business ownership.”For more information on how to get started as a franchise owner with BODYBAR, visit https://bodybarpilates.com/franchise/.