Life is Better with Company: why it is better to work out with a partner

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February 11, 2016

Most gym goers fall into one of two categories: the ‘loner’ category, those who prefer to get in their daily sweat session solo; or the sociable gym rat who would would never get their burn on without a buddy.  Some may feel that there is no point in having a gym partner and may even think talking to others is a waste of time. The most legendary bodybuilder of all time – Arnold Schwarzenegger said that working out was mostly a solitary time for him, he took the time to focus on his goals and progress. On the other hand he often trained with a partner. He says it always challenged and stimulated him. A healthy amount of friendly rivalry was what motivated him to give a hundred percent. Before you dismiss the idea or imagine a gym session as an opportunity to catch up with your friends, have a look at what we think is great about working out with a partner.

1. Increased motivation and focus

In order for this to work you need to find a person as committed as you. If you both take your goals seriously you will motivate each other. If you feel like skipping a workout the thought of letting your partner down will keep you going, or your partner will convince you to get your butt in the studio.

2. Improved performance

Watching your friend do well during their workout will force you to keep up. You don’t want to look weaker, do you? A pinch of healthy competition will push both of you towards your goals.

3. Safety

If you want to go for a higher weight or just try to push yourself a little harder, but you are worried about not managing or hurting yourself – bingo! A training partner will spot and assist you at those times.

4. You will be their inspiration and motivation, and they yours

Whether you believe it or not, when you work hard at the gym you motivate those around you. You don’t need to be a pro coach or bodybuilder to inspire others. Showing up to your scheduled sessions will inspire your partner.

5. Variety

From time to time your partner will come up with a tip or idea you probably never tried. Use your differences to mix up and improve your workouts. Share your knowledge and experience.

6. Companionship

Looking forward to your training session is a big deal! Instead of dragging your feet to the gym you will look forward to seeing your partner and their progress. This doesn’t mean you should spend your workout sipping water and chatting, but even the great stars of fitness and bodybuilding enjoy a little bit of camaraderie in the gym now and then.