Lifestyle: How Health Friends Support A Healthy Lifestyle

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July 8, 2015

For many of us it’s hard enough to stay on the straight and narrow when it comes to healthy habits and diet. But are your friends or your social life completely clashing with your personal goals? Of course, I’m not going to tell you to ditch everyone you know and join a fitness cult, but let’s think about it for a moment. From a personal experience, most of  health and diet mistakes are made during social encounters (drinking, smoking or fast food binging). Unfortunately it has become a popular thing to be a ‘social’ smoker or drinker. But how does that affect your life when you look at the bigger picture? Isn’t it like taking one step forward and then two backwards, every weekend? Why does spending time with family and friends have to sabotage your good habits?

Try talking to your close friends and family, and let them know that maintaining a healthy diet and consistent exercise routine is important to you . You will be surprised how receptive people are if you just share your goals or concerns with them. If you come across someone trying to ridicule you or tempt you with bad choices – then they are not a true friend with your best interest or happiness at heart. Move on from such people, you don’t need them. But on your way, you will find people who will listen, encourage and maybe even follow in your footsteps. And then it will all be worth it.

Also note that you have friends and colleagues for different reasons. As soon as you know how to classify the people in your life then you will know and respect their purpose. So if your besties from when you were younger do not care about an active lifestyle it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be friends; it simply means that you should make additional friends who love to go to workout like you do so that you can enjoy your active lifestyle with others.

Find a role model or a person who shares your beliefs and dreams. Try to make friends with them, they will support and inspire you.

Like everything else in your life, fitness is a goal and a ton of hard work, if you let being surrounded by the wrong people ruin it, you will never achieve the healthy and happy life you want.

Unlike other goals in your life, being fit and healthy can, and will save your life from sickness, disease and premature aging. Your true friends and loving family will see how good your healthy habits are for you and they will support you. Should this not be the case, you need to avoid their company as they will always bring you down.

There is more to life than drinking, clubbing and eating out, so find ways to spend time with your friends in more beneficial ways. Go for a smoothie, a walk,  or a workout session. Having a healthy lifestyle will go in favor of finding real and supportive friends, just be patient.